Ecolyte Meat & Seafood Disinfectant 100% Natural - 20 Litre

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ECOLYTE MEAT & SEAFOOD DISINFECTANT is a completely natural, healthy and safe product, effective in killing 99.995% of germs in a few seconds, non toxic, non alcoholic, non irritant, non-hazardous, eliminate odors and one of the known powerful disinfectant. Spray, rinse and even wash directly for few seconds your meat and seafood with our powerful disinfectant. 


meat 20litre 

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  • Active: Pure Electrolyzed Water(HOCL)
  • Inactive: Demineralized Water, Sodium Chloride


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  •  kIlls 99.995% of germs (Bacteria)
  • Spray several times Ecolyte Meat & Seafood Disinfectant directly on Meat & Seafood and wait for 5-15 seconds.
  • Wash your meat & seafood with Ecolyte Meat & Seafood Disinfectant to remove chemicals, kill germs (Bacteria) and maximize the freshness.
  • Soak your food in Ecolyte solution to remove chemicals, kill germs (Bacteria) and maximize the freshness.         
  • Spray Ecolyte Meat & Seafood Disinfectant in your freezer or storage to remove germs (Bacteria) and maximize the freshness.          



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  • Store in a cool place
  • Do not expose to direct sunlight.
  • Keep it tightly close after use.
  • Do not expose to a temperature of over 45°C.
  • Please see the packaging for the batch number and expiry date.



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