Positive Energy with Evil Eye Bracelet - Customized

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Natural StoneRose Quartz, Amethyst, Black TourmalineCitrine, Clear Quartz & Evil Eye

Type : Stretchy

Diameter : Round 8mm

Wrist Size : 18 – 22 cm

Metaphysical properties :

Rose Quartz
Self love, self esteem and forgiveness.
Great to use while reciting self positive affirmations. 

Calming, stress reliever, bring self awareness, and a sense of serenity to the user.
Also heightens intuition.

Black Tourmaline 
Highly protective stone, clear energetic blockages wherever it is placed.
Guard against physics attacks and stress.

Brings sunshine into your life. Its radiant energy cultivates positivity, growth and abundance.
One of the only crystals that does not store any negativity.
Working with it infuses your soul with happiness and light to open you up to the new opportunities and positive possibilities that already surround you.

Clear Quartz
It helps you to focus and become clear on your dreams and desires.
They assist with spiritual development and with removing any energy blockages that occur in the body.
It will purify and re-energize your chakric field, so that your mind, your core and your base are all working in harmony at their highest potential. It will amplify the energies and magnify your intention.

Evil Eye
Is believed to keep us safe from jealousy and harm so they're given to bliss and protect those we truly admire.

MarieBeads Art products are intended for fashion purposes only, even if the crystals, precious or semi-precious stones is said to have healing properties. "It is in the eyes of the beholder "

Marie Beads Art does not practice any type of crystal healing whatsoever.

For further interest and depth knowledge in crystal healing we advise and recommend customers to be in touch with specialized holistic centers. 

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