Stainless Steel Straw / 5 Reusable Straws in a Set with Hygienic Accessories and Cleaning Brushes / Perfect Cocktail Straws / 100% Plastic Free

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Temperature regulation: thanks to the attached of our silicone hygiene attachment, you are guaranteed carefree drinking fun. When enjoying a cool/warm drink, the stainless steel straw is also colder/warmer but the silicone hygiene attachment ensures that you do not let a frozen lip when drinking because your tongue burns on the warm straw. Thus, we ensure carefree drinking fun no matter what temperature your drink has.
GIFTS FOR YOU - With every order, you will get 2 FREE straw brushes for easy cleaning of stainless steel straws. In addition, you will get a free reusable canvas bag where you can store the stainless steel case and take it with you.
Your benefits – in times of epidemics, hygiene is more important than ever. That's why you will receive 5 reusable hygiene silicone attachments with your stainless steel straw. You can then take these attachments to a restaurant and put them over the stainless steel straw on site or offer your guests at home. After use, you can easily clean your stainless steel straws and the hygiene attachments in the dishwasher. Quality - Of course, our metal straw is dishwasher safe. Our stainless steel straw will not rust as it is made of 304 stainless steel. In addition, during production, care was taken to ensure that the ends of the stainless steel straw have been rounded off to ensure safe drinking fun. Sustainability - The stainless steel straws are reusable and therefore environmentally friendly products. Our stainless steel straw is definitely the best alternative to the plastic straw. During our entire production process, we have taken care to ensure that no plastic is used. Our packaging material is also reusable and made from environmentally friendly (recycled) materials. This makes our stainless steel straw a zero waste product.

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